Liposuction - Liposculture
The lipsuction or liposculture, is the surgical aspiration of fat located underneath the skins surface.  During the last few years, liposuction hasa been the most popular surgical procedure.
Even though age constitutes an important factor in defining  who is the ideal candidate for a liposculture,  the general conditionsof your organism are even more important.  The ideal candidates are those who have dieted and or excercised but still maintain  unesthetic deposits of body fat.  Those patients that are overweight, may benefit by this procedure,  which even though it does not represent  a method for weight loss, it does offer fine results.  Nevertheless ,the ideal situation would be that the person have a weight close to normal.  There are no absolute limits in age for a liposuction.
The type of anesthesia will depend of the evaluations of the patient by the surgeon ( this includes, the patients body build , the amount of fat that will be removed, the general conditions and the type of surgical technique).  Depending  on these, the anesthesia could be general, local or by intravenous sedation.
Liposuction usually takes 1 to 2 hours, nevertheless time may vary from30 minutes to a few hours, depending on the area to be treated and the ammount of fat that will be suctioned.  The procedure begins when the surgeon makes a very small incission, just large enough to permit the introduction of the suction tube .  The other end of the tube is connected  to a suctioning machine .  For a few years now, the Tumescent Technique has been used, which consists of injecting Saline solutions with lidocain and adrenaline at the level of the fatty tissue located underneath the skin.  The infiltration of this mixture before the suctioning  procedure, allow the tissues to be numbed, and contract the blood vessels,  thus reducing the bleeding, the trauma of the tissues and the swelling, and it also eliminates pain.
Almost all areas of the body may be treated with liposuction (underchin ,nape, cheeks, arms, abdomen, thighs, buttox, hips and knees).
After the Surgery
After the surgery, there may be some fluid drainage from the  deeper wounds  for two to three days. An elastic support should be used for a few weeks from the moment the procedure is over.

DonŽt expect to see immediate results after the operation.  The areas that have been treated will be swollen and you may feel a burning sensation.  The pain is controled with common anelgesics. Antibiotics will be indicated to prevent infeccion.
All surgical procedures imply certain risks.  In rare cases the procedure may cause severe traumas, especially if large areas are treated surgically at the same time.
Other rare but possible complications are infection and the escessive loss of body fluids.  Nevertheless, liposuction is a highly safe and trusted procedure, as long as the patients are carefully selected, there are adequate space and equipment, and above all, that they be done by  the specialized hands of a Plastic Surgeon.
Your new image
Liposuction is definetely a highly effective technique that may offer you a new body contour with little scarring.  The results may be permanent, depending on your  dietary habits and excercise. Nevertheless, if you gain weight again, you will probably do so in an uniform manner and not in localized areas.
In the last few years, thousands of men and women have benefited  from this fabulous surgical procedure.  A trim and healthy body, will give you more confidence in yourself and more confidence with others.
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Liposuction - Liposculture
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